We completed the refurbishment of the Prosegur Cash base in Menorca

19 October, 2018

With security at the core

In a company like Prosegur Cash, security is the basis of everything. Desarrolla has just completed the refurbishment and fitting out of the new base of this company in Menorca, bearing in mind that security was precisely the premise within the entire remodelling process.

The works were carried out over a period of six months and consisted of refurbishing the interior of the warehouse, as well as reforming the building envelope.

The operational and security needs of Prosegur Cash were decisive when it came to undertaking this project. This is in fact the fundamental factor that makes this project stand out, with a result that presents a very high degree of security in installations, structure and carpentry. In this sense, both current regulations and the client itself impose the highest levels of reliability on this type of work, which Desarrolla has taken into account as the main focus of its work.

The facilities are located in a two-storey building with a total of 400 square metres. The spaces are distributed between areas for security, warehouses, changing rooms, meeting rooms and parking, among others.

Prosegur Cash commissioned Desarrolla to carry out this refurbishment in Menorca as part of a plan to improve existing facilities. With actions like this, the company seeks to adapt to the growth of its current business plan and also to be scrupulous in complying with regulations that are increasingly demanding in the sector.