Space is the real luxury

7 January, 2020

Global refurbishment of an historic building

The refurbishment and reconditioning of this building have been executed according to the project of the architects of AESTUDIO, conserving its characteristic wooden galleries.

The main challenge of this work has been to integrate the different original buildings into a single building without deteriorating the aesthetics of its facade. Inside, the distribution has been modified to obtain a house per floor, as a result, 7 floors of 200 m2 each have been obtained.

At the same time, the rooms have a well-studied lighting, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere at night, also favored by the abundant natural light that gets into all the rooms at daytime.  The rehabilitation project included a major improvement in energy efficiency and comfort thanks to the optimization and use of innovative installations and systems, for example, heat recovery, which allows the control of indoor humidity.