The first office park building

Term of execution: 18 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

The first building built in the Office Park. It has a landscaped roofed area intended for community use, with leisure areas and a club house for owners, various facilities such as solar panels, a water storage room for thermal energy and various facilities rooms.

The work promoted by “Cooperativa Sociedade Galega de Vivendas Parque Ofimático” has the highest energy rating, which promotes the reduction of non-renewable energy consumption by applying passive design measures to reduce energy demand and systems´ efficiency.
The ventilated facade is finished with porcelain stoneware plates and reinforced with fiberglass with aluminum exterior carpentry. The interior is made of oak, floating floors and porcelain stoneware in wet areas.

A total of 5 floors below ground level, with 128 parking spaces and 76 storage rooms. Eleven above ground floors for 76 homes and 2 commercial spaces with independent access. The total constructed area adds up to 16,000m2.