Completely refurbished modernist building

Term of execution: 11 monthsStatus of work: Finished

Refurbishment of a unique building with a modernist façade in the centre of A Coruña, in which the required works have been carried out to guarantee the safety, habitability and health of a building that had previously been evicted due to danger of collapse.

The project, carried out by Javier López Cabana, includes repairs to the roof and façade, as well as various improvement works carried out on the commercial premises, the entrance and the first three floors, as well as a complete renovation of the attic. The latter is characterised by the recovery of an exposed masonry wall.

The refurbishment of the modernist façade was carried out with the utmost care, recovering each of the compositional elements that characterise it.

The work carried out not only solved the security problems that compromised the integrity of the building, but also resulted in an increase in the quality of the building.