Villa Insigne, design houses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

14 September, 2021

The first stage of the spectacular design housing complex that Desarrolla has built in Adeje is now in the hands of its owners

Villa Insigne es un espectacular complejo de viviendas de diseño

Designer houses with views of the Atlantic. Avant-garde construction that fuses aesthetics and efficiency. This is Villa Insigne, the first phase of the spectacular complex that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios has just delivered in the Tenerife town of Adeje.

The project by Leonardo Omar Arquitectos is a set of 27 luxury villas with a modern minimalist design. A complex that extracts all the potential of the proximity of the Atlantic.

The views from each of these houses are, in fact, spectacular. The installation of large glazing on the façades has made a decisive contribution to this.

A feature that gives each villa its own personality. And which provides a sensation of fluid and clean transition from the interior rooms to the exterior areas.

Desarrolla has managed to give the complex a coherence, a formal cleanliness and continuity  from one villa to the next.

To achieve this, each designer house is composed of white volumes, cantivelered roofs and the glazed surfaces.

A symmetry in the geometry of the form that in no way prevents the edges of the houses from being rounded.

Two versatile distributions

Although it is an exercise in coherence, the complex is divided into two parts. The first consist of 14 luxury villas with a similar structure:

A ground floor with kitchen-dining room and living room, plus a bedroom. These spaces open onto the outdoor area with the private swimming pool. And a first floor with two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

An ingenious distribution to make the most of the potential of the interior design work.

In the second part of the complex, the villas have a slightly different configuration. On the ground floor there are three bedrooms with bathrooms, while the second floor is where the communal living area is located.

Kitchen and dining room connected to the living room, toilet, outdoor terrace with private swimming pool… A distribution that is all avant-garde and comfortable.

Each of the houses has a basement floor for the parking programme, a laundry room and another for servicing the private swimming pool equipment.

The installation of the latest generation solar panels also allows for energy efficiency and savings in each villa. Another example of the care that has gone into each building.

Undoubtedly, another of the many benefits of a complex designed to enjoy life.

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