Desarrolla will refurbish the Neonate Unit at the Provincial Hospital in Pontevedra

26 October, 2018

Work in the Provincial Hospital of the city

The Consellería de Sanidad (Health Department) of the Xunta de Galicia, through  the Xerencia de Xestión Integrada of Pontevedra and O Salnés has awarded Desarrolla with the refurbishment of the Neonate Unit of the Provincial Hospital of Pontevedra (CHOP). The works intend to improve the conditions of the facilities, specifically its spaces, as well as changing the current installations.

The unit that has to be refurbished is located on the ground floor of the CHOP, connected with the central gallery of the hospital’s main building, and close to the Obstetrical and Pediatrics Unit. It occupies a wing and has a useful area of around 200m2. With this action, an upgrading of the installations of the unit areas such as lighting, electric safety, plumbing, sanitation, medicinal gases, telecommunications and air conditioning is being looked for.

The project, which is  work by the architect Francisco Javier Amendo Ansede, has an estimated execution time of 35 days.

Improvement of working conditions

The reorganization of the spaces in the unit will improve the current working conditions and the well-being of the patients. At the same time, certain weaknesses that have been detected will be eliminated regarding: environmental biosecurity, air conditioning, and general comfort of the facilities. In this line, the thermal installations of the neonate area will be changed, equipping it with an  air conditioning system independent from the current one.

Architecturally, traffic lanes and barrier removal have been taken into account. For example, the nursing station will be located so there will be a direct view of the patients.

The distribution of the spaces will have a result a total of seven positions ( two thermic cradles and five incubators) in the intensive care unit and another seven in the intermediate and pre out area.