Desarrolla will be in charge of the construction of three houses in Madrid

30 November, 2018

Three homes located in Madrid very well thought out

The city of Madrid, specifically in Aravaca, is the place in which Desarrolla will carry out the project of Bojaus Arquitectura studio. They are three houses in one independent block that bring together the qualities of independent houses and the advantages of a block, proposing a new kind of house.

The works have been awarded to Desarrolla, which will be carried out during 12 months. The project will be set on a plot of 1300 square meters on which a 890m2 building will be constructed.

Each of the houses will be built on one floor having four orientations, and one terrace visually integrated into the house through a great glass façade. The construction will have a garden with bit trees, giving these terraces and the interior open spaces privacy.

A Single and open floor

With a structure made of large beams, each these three unique floors, will be totally open. Referring to appearance, the walls, beams and slabs of reinforced concrete will be in sight after the execution of the works carried out by Desarrolla. Thus, the image of the construction will be that of the structural material.

Common Spaces

The construction will have a 25 meter long swimming pool and gardens. As well as this, it will have a basement which will house parking spaces and storerooms in what will be one of the common spaces of the three houses.