Desarrolla shows its commitment with culture and street art promoting the “Street Art Desarrolla” contest

6 September, 2018

The worlds of construction and architecture have always been closely linked to culture. Particularly, street art is a growing phenomenon  and constantly connected to the building world, and Desarrolla has echoed this movement and has wanted to recognize this upward trend organizing “Street Art Desarrolla”, a contest that is presented as an artistic encounter and will take place the 15th of September at the Fábrica de Tabacos Square in A Coruña.

Whoever wants to participate in the contest has up to the 10th of September to hand in the application form. Any street artist, graffiti artist, illustrator, artist and creator of legal age and of any nationality may take part.

“Street Art Desarrolla” will start on the 15th of September at 10am, and the artists will have up to 8pm to accomplish their wall paintings, which will be carried out on a provisional fence of a premise to be refurbished.

The works can be carried out individually or as a group. Whoever is interested in taking part in the contest will have to submit the following documents before the 10th of September at 6pm: full name and place of birth,  portfolio of artworks, phone number and email address to

Of all the applications submitted, the organization will make up a final list of the artists that will take part in the final stage of the contest. The decision will be communicated to the selected on the 11th of September. Desarrolla will finance the costs of the wall paintings providing with 80 euros to each of the selected.

The works will be exhibited from the same day of the artistic encounter, the 15th of September, and up to the 2nd of December. There will be three prizes awarded with 1000 euros for the winner, 500 euros for the second runner-up and 300 for the third.

The winners will be chosen by popular vote through the Instagram @desarrolla.constructora and the evaluation of a network of experts which will take into consideration the following criteria: accuracy with the proposed topic, artistic quality of the work presented and originality and creativity of the work. The decision will be revealed on the 10th of December and the awards presentation will take place the following day.

The organization makes available to all those that want to take part in “Street Art Desarrolla”, and to resolve any doubts, the email and the telephone number 881 962 312.