Desarrolla ends the works of the warehouse Husqvarna has in Ferrol

13 December, 2019

The industrial aesthetics marks the image of the warehouse that the Husqvarna Group has in Ferrol. Desarrolla has carried out the  complete refurbishment of the space, following the project designed by the architect Diego Pérez Bargiela. The execution time of this work has been of one and a half months.

A Gándara Industrial Park, in Ferrol houses these premises of around 600 m2, all of which on one floor. The Husqvarna Group has in this warehouse private working areas and also areas for customer service.

One of the main wings is assigned to house an area for the sale and exhibit of the products that the Swedish multinational company sells, which has a broad range of forestry and gardening machinery and tools including lawnmowers, chainsaws or brush cutters.

One of the improvements that  has been implemented in the warehouse was the level of luminosity, as well as the openness, rearranging gaps and expanding exterior carpentry.