DeRose Method, a truly multipurpose space

Execution time: 4 monthsState of the work: Finished

Work spaces can also be places where you feel right at home. This is the underlying premise for the DeRose Method project, a coworking space that can also host activities in multiple areas.

Located on Calle Padre Damián in the heart of downtown Madrid, the premises are recognisable due to the combination of the iroko wood slats and large glass panes that shape its façade. All HVAC, electric and plumbing systems were replaced in this three-storey space, as well as updating all layouts and finishes.

It merits mention that the Madrid In Love Studio turned to the design of shelving, which changes its shape when changing rooms to obtain smoother flows. The play of light is another striking feature, obtained using indirect LEDs and a highly meticulous distribution of lamps.