Construction of a new activity center for seniors in Campo Lameiro

28 September, 2018

La obra será llevada a cabo por Desarrolla

Desarrolla will be in charge of executing the construction project for the Assistance Centre in the Municipality of Campo Lameiro, located in Pontevedra. It will be carried out in the town centre of the municipality and will be used to carry out activities that promote active aging.

The action is promoted by the Municipality of Campo Lameiro, and the architecture studio “Arela Arquitectura” was in charge of its project. The building will be located on a plate close to Castro Lameiro’s Church, which is the highlight of the architectural context of the area.

The plot which is located opposite the Church’ square is partly collapsed  so the building will take advantage of this fall to keep its full development without altering the religious monument’s heritage, as well as its stone cross.

The building, projected on one floor, will have rooms to carry out several activities, grouped by families (physiotherapy, hygiene, administration, physical activities, etc). Regarding the materials that will be used in the work, we must highlight wood and concrete.

The Assistance Centre will be a place for the senior citizens of Campo Lameiro to meet up and where they will find attention, fun and company, trying to improve their quality of life.

The execution deadline for the works will be nine months from the start.