Deck construction for a sports court

Term of execution: 3 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

The coverage of the sports center of CEIP Centieiras High School Center responds to the historical claim of the educational community. Until now, the school did not have a covered space outside. The work has not only benefited the schoolchildren of the center but also the group of neighbors around the facilities.

Initially the works have consisted in the demolition and the excavation of part of the sports center and the excavation, facilitating the subsequent placement of the track. In addition, the earthworks were carried out.

It is a mixed structure composed of prefabricated concrete pillars on insulated footings, reinforced concrete executed “in situ”, and a horizontal structure composed of curved beams and straps of rectangular section of laminated wood. Two types of panels have been chosen for the roof: 30mm thick ribbed sandwich panels combined with self-supporting translucent cellular polycarbonate panels.