Casa V, a home with curvy lines

Term of execution: 12 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Casa V project was conceived for the refurbishment and expansion of a single-family home in Oleiros. The home design was originally carried out in the early 60s by Andrés Fernández-Albalat. The architects Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro, partners at the “Dosis de Arquitectura” studio, have managed to create a new volume attached to the existing one, characterized by a unique geometry based on curved lines.

The image of the house is defined by its sinuous forms and by the use of ingenious solutions, such as the fact of having a terrace on the roof of the new volume and the decision to adapt it to the complex topography of the plot in which It settles. This achieves full integration in your immediate environment.

The construction of the house has been a challenge given its technical complexity and due to the use of materials such as aluminum slabs on the facade, or the execution of the landscaped roof using concrete slabs.