A Coffee shop for Hotel Lux

Term of execution: 2 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Space refurbishment for the placement of a coffee shop annex to the Lux Hotel located on Doutor Teixeiro 4, in Santiago de Compostela. The premises, with a surface area of ​​63 m2, have been distributed as follows: the coffee bar area, two toilets and an office.

The false ceiling has been done using slats of plywood of Calabó with a  tension cable fixing system and a central area made out of boards of the same wood with black finish, allowing the placement of large luminaires on top of the bar.

In the coffee bar area, a perimeter shelving for storage and decoration has been arranged, formed from plywood boards of varnished pine wood divided into three modules, corresponding to the three walls. For the floor of the cafeteria, a non-slip ceramic stoneware flooring has been placed, the vertical walls of the cafeteria area have been clad in brick with a white finish and in the bathrooms a white smooth tiling has been placed.

The improvement of the installations of electricity, plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation has also been carried out, to provide the premises with all the necessary improvements