Build Life: Global Humanitarian

24 December, 2012

In keeping with our policy of corporative social responsibility, we cooperate with cooperative non-profit organizations. In this particular case, we do our bit for the building of a school in El Diablito, Nicaragua, a Project of the N.G.O. Global Humanitaria.

The El Diablito school consists of one room in which pre-school and primary-level classes are held -for children, with adult classes at night. The building was flood-damaged with classroom furniture very deteriorated. Sanitary facilities consisted of an unusable latrine. We collaborated in the restoration of the building and in re-equipping it, with necessary furniture, making it suitable for use by the local children.

The work involved strengthening the  walls, restoring Windows and blinds, resurfacing the cement floor, replacement of 2 blackboards and doors, placement of new zinc roof, improvement of the perimeter, repair of existing furniture, and construction of a new double ecological latrine, and finally repainting the building.

Desarrolla wishes to draw attention to the admirable work of. this non-profit organization, and to encourage cooperation with its on-going projects.