Awarding of the refurbishment of the municipal building “Casas de Paredes”

19 July, 2019

The rehabilitation of the iconic municipal building of A Coruña is awarded

Desarrolla will carry out the refurbishment of the well-known buildings “Casa de Paredes” located in the centre of the city of A Coruña.

Las Casas de Paredes were an unfinished project throughout almost all of their existence and are considered an iconic property in the city. It is made up of two masonry neoclassic style buildings with strings of balconies, porches and gables.

Desarrolla will carry out the repair works of the building at 18, Marina Avenue, of municipal property and built in the 18th century. The building is classified as monumental, as well as being appointed as Property of Cultural Interest and is part of the historic centre.

Las Casas de Paredes were completely refurbished at the beginning of the 80`s, but currently, some small pieces of material from the balcony railings, the façade and roof are loose.

The examination of the property allowed the discovery of important loss of material from the railings due to rust; while the roof has leaks because of the poor condition of the waterproof layer that needs repairing due to lack of maintenance, and the passing of time. The connection sections between the walls and the attic are the most affected.

The works will consist of the cleaning, fastening and refurbishment of the elements such as cornices, gables, balconies and ashlars of the façade, the conditioning or replacement of pieces of the ironwork, balcony railings to avoid them from falling; the repairing and cleaning of the components of the roof and the conditioning of the walls. Regarding the inside, the existing false ceiling under the roof will be repaired as it is affected by the dampness that gets in through the cracks. The works will be finished within 3 months.