acondicionamiento-paisajistico-cabildo-tenerife-desarrolla-constructora (43)

New sports complex promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife


24 January, 2020

The performance is part of the "Tenerife and the Sea" program of MEDI-Fdcan

A road improvement project that connects the Alcalá and Varadero nuclei, in the municipality of Guía de Isora, awarded to us. Some conditioning works promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife that are part of the MEDIFcan “Tenerife and the Sea” program. In response to the physical and landscape characteristics of the Canary coast, with “micro landscapes” and complex orography, the intention of the Cabildo is to value these unique formations with punctual improvements that respect the environment.

The project includes the execution of the sports path adjacent to the promenade that currently exists in Punta Blanca, as well as the access ramp to the beach and the regeneration of the entire surrounding areas. The planned action also includes the reinforcement of a 5-ton jetty and the construction of three viewpoints that, located at strategic points, make the 1,600 meters in length that comprise the pedestrian promenade. Works will be carry out in five months.


Expansion and renovation of the Darío Hotel in Lugo


22 January, 2020

A single set resulting from the connection of two adjoining buildings

The aim of the reform of the Darío hotel, in Lugo, was the merger of two adjoining buildings with differentiated activities in a single structure. During the execution of this project the structures of the building have been modified, relocated and built new access to the underground parking of two floors and the air conditioning, ventilation, telecommunications and lighting systems have been completely renewed.

The action has completely transformed the access to the establishment, giving it a current image thanks to the use of materials such as the microcement used in the cladding or in the large-scale pieces of the pavement.

The choice of neutral tones in contrast to the black chosen for the columns and the ceiling on the ground floor, reinforce the modernity of this 180 square meter space, where the reception, the waiting room, Wi-Fi zone, office, laundry, toilets and luggage storage. With the reform the capacity of the hotel has been increased by incorporating 16 new rooms.


Meixoeiro Hospital Works


Term of execution: 3 Months
Status of work: Finished

Renovation and maintenance works on the south facade of the Meixoeiro Hospital in Vigo, Pontevedra.

The works have been executed maintaining the existing constructive typology and carrying out the repair of cracks and fissures.

Notwithstanding is the maintenance work carried out on 471 windows and the application of a new elastic elastomer coating.


Neonatal Unit of Pontevedra Hospital


Period of execution: 1 M
Status of work: Finished

Comprehensive reform of the Neonatal Unit of the Provincial Hospital of Pontevedra, according to architect Francisco Javier Amenedo Ansede.

The new unit, located in a 200 m2 pavilion on the ground floor of the CHOP, has 14 posts, five are critical care, two thermal cots, two phototherapy posts and another five spots for intermediate care , equipped with modern equipment for neonatal intensive care. In addition, a milk extraction room and a breastfeeding room were enabled.

At the architectural level, spaces have been reorganized, improving the working conditions and patient well-being, taking into account accessibility circuits and the elimination of barriers. Suspended headers were installed to allow the connection of medicinal gases and the electrical connections of incubators to the ceiling, facilitating movements around the patient. The nursing checkpoint has been relocated to facilitate direct patient vision; and a larger space has been reserved for each patient to enable the accompaniment protocol activation humanizing the unit.

In addition, environmental biosecurity conditions have been improved through the implementation of circuits and barriers, access sinks and an air zoned conditioning system, adjustable in temperature. Likewise, the unit’s facilities have been modernized in aspects such as lighting, electrical safety, plumbing, sanitation, medicinal gases, telecommunications and air conditioning.

marquesina-bus-urbano-coruna-xunta-ga (11)

Modular intercity bus stops


22 January, 2020

A reliable and replicable design

The proposal for a bus stop shelter on Entrejardines street in A Coruña takes up and updates the basic design suggested fot the remodeling of Campo da Leña bus shelters located in the same city. The project sought to respond to different concerns raised by the Xunta de Galicia and the Concello de A Coruña, such as getting a piece of furniture sufficiently abstract, although easily recognizable for its use, as well as solving the different accessibility issues of the premises.

We looked to create a modular based design easy to replicate, transfer and implement in different city locations while maintaining its special look. Likewise, we executed a main metal structure made up of four “L” steel frames, with laminar glass screens in both vertical and horizontal arrangement acting as protective elements against rain and wind as well as for advertisement purposes. As an interior wrapping of the set, the wooden latticework is also used to provide shade and protection to the users, forming a bank of entanglement that matches those existing in the gardens.

The set is completed by an information post prepared in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director of General Mobility of the Department of Infrastructure and Housing of the regional government Xunta de Galicia, which incorporates additional information on lines, corridors and stops, integrating elements and Corporate identity colors. This set will be located where the location plan indicates, the other seven will be placed in the future, at the stops of A Coruña intercity transport accessibility plan.

obra-publica-museo-carballo-desarr (10)

A remodeling loaded with history


22 January, 2020

Museum and library rehabilitation

This project, by architect José Fernando Añón Pose, looked to improve and condition the building of the Bergantiños Museum and the Municipal Library that, located in the Carballo City Council, had not been remodeled in previous years so various deficiencies were found.

In the Museum of Bergantiños the bathing areas have been reformed by modifying the existing plumbing, sanitation and electricity facilities. On the roof of the central courtyard of the museum a new wooden beams structure has been placed under a glass ceiling.

In addition, a zinc finish sheet has been placed in the meeting area of the roof by the facade, as well as the facade that closes the patio that has been cleaned and painted. In the exterior facades the existing cracks have been repaired and, once cleaned, they have been painted. In addition, the roof areas damaged or in poor condition were repaired.

In the office space, the exterior woodwork has been replaced and inside the ground floor new doors have been replaced and placed. In addition, the interior cracks have been repaired and the vertical and horizontal walls of the interior of the museum have been painted. With regard to the installations, a new ventilation and air conditioning system with greater efficiency has been incorporated and the luminaires will be replaced by more efficient ones.

In the Municipal Library the exterior carpentry has been replaced by other aluminum with thermal break and double glazing. This way, both buildings have maintained the same use they had before starting the works.

polideportivo-obra-infraestructura-desarrolla-constructora-fene-pista (5)

Deck construction for a sports court


Term of execution: 3 Months
Status of work: Finished

The coverage of the sports center of CEIP Centieiras High School Center responds to the historical claim of the educational community. Until now, the school did not have a covered space outside. The work has not only benefited the schoolchildren of the center but also the group of neighbors around the facilities.

Initially the works have consisted in the demolition and the excavation of part of the sports center and the excavation, facilitating the subsequent placement of the track. In addition, the earthworks were carried out.

It is a mixed structure composed of prefabricated concrete pillars on insulated footings, reinforced concrete executed “in situ”, and a horizontal structure composed of curved beams and straps of rectangular section of laminated wood. Two types of panels have been chosen for the roof: 30mm thick ribbed sandwich panels combined with self-supporting translucent cellular polycarbonate panels.

autoridad-portuaria-coruna-desarrolla-constructora-nave-industrial (8)

Comprehensive works in A Coruña Port Authority office building


22 January, 2020

The project included the urbanization of the surrounding area

We have completed the works of A Coruña Port Authority office building, from the excavation of the foundation to the interior finishes. We also accomplished the urbanization of the surrounding areas.

The action interfered with the access to the San Diego quay, it included the construction of a two-story building with a trapezoidal floor and a flat roof with a perimeter roof that will allow maintenance work on the machinery installed in that area without danger of fall in height.
The building lacks architectural barriers. The exterior carpentry is made of aluminum with glass with heat treatment and solar control. As for the finishes, the pavements vary depending on room usage, from porcelain in the offices to a non-slip vinyl in the changing rooms, through polished concrete in the storage area.

The works also included the urbanization of the surrounding areas with the execution of all sanitation, telecommunications and electrical connection services. It was also completed with the installation of terrazzo tile sidewalks and concrete curb and lighting using vertical mast lampposts and LED luminaires.


A commitment to design, sustainability and modernity


22 January, 2020

We will build a block of dwellings of modern architecture

Coming soon is the construction of this project located in the corner of Rosalía de Castro and Serafín Avedaño in Vigo. The building, consisting of 10 floors and single commercial premises, will house 52 homes of different types and surfaces from 80 to 190 square meters. Floors will be divided into two or three apartments according to the height, with the exception of the tenth and last floor that houses a single apartment per floor.

The project was designed by architect Juan Manuel Iglesias Portela who pays special attention to the details, providing the space with optimal and functional distribution for each of its rooms, focused on user’s comfort, and having the latest technology and innovation in construction, architecture and design. A commitment to design, sustainability and modernity, reflecting the transformation that the construction sector is experiencing.

vivienda-unifamiliar-casa-desarrolla-cosntructora-mogor (3)

Volumes and spaces in the spotlight


22 January, 2020

We completed the construction of an avant-garde single-family home.

This detached house, consisting of two semi-basements, ground floor and upper floor, stands out for a meticulously studied structure in which the upper floors have been moved to the bottom of the plot as plateaus, reducing perceived height of the house.

Also remarkable are the vertical walls rotated on the side facade. These walls, with the right inclination, allow us to enjoy a picture perfect framing of the Pontevedra estuary, while isolating ourselves from the adjoining homes in order to enjoy privacy inside. In the house, diaphanous spaces predominate, with a characteristic staircase in which all its steps have been embedded into the wall, thus offering a buoyant feeling that brings personality to the interior. Outside, there is a pool with saline chlorination and a glazed porch in the garden.

This house located in Marín (Pontevedra) was designed by the architect Mauro Lomba, 126 plans of detail and structure were made, thus achieving a perfect adaptation to the needs presented.

edificio-pisos-desarrolla-constructora-fernando-macias-coruna-promocion-inmobiliaria (7)

Avant-garde rehabilitation of a symbolic building


22 January, 2020

The chamfer facade seeks for the modern without abandoning the classic

11 apartment building combining a classic two-street facade with a modern style while preserving its rationalist essence.

It is a building composed of a ground floor and 5 heights, 2 apartments per floor with surfaces of up to 120m2, with the exception of the last one, which will be a single home. All of them will have their respective common areas.

The building has very wide spaces and abundant natural light creating a pleasant environment for its residents.

vigo-pisos-lujo-edificio-desarrolla-cosntructora-promocion-inmobiliaria (8)

Tradition and modernity: The perfect bet


22 January, 2020

Rehabilitation of a listed building built in 1932

We will soon begin the rehabilitation of this Catalogued building dating from 1932. The project, by the architect Rodrigo J. Portanet Fontana, combines modernity and tradition, the best of the current construction combined with the aesthetic and emblematic character of the original construction.
In the rehabilitation, which will result in 14 premium dwellings, the characteristic elements of the twentieth century will be preserved, such as the façade of stone blocks, the design and materials of the portal, interior staircases or stained-glass windows. As for carpentry, the interior doors that give access to the dwellings will be preserved, while outside new wooden windows will be installed, maintaining the aesthetic essence of the first years of the century.

pisos-lujo-edificio-desarrolla-plaza-porticada-terraza-constructora- (6)

Quality of life and architecture


17 January, 2020

The synergy between the advantages of the new building and the latest architectural features

Building located in the heart of A Coruña city. Plaza Porticada will be the stage for a modern architectural volume that, projected in six heights and under cover, will be used for residential and commercial use.

It is a careful combination of new construction, with the advantages that this entails, and the latest technological and architectural features. The building, located in a privileged in the heart of the city, has all the necessary services, green areas and proximity to the beach, which means an increase in the quality of life of its residents in harmony with the benefits provided by the building.

The project, desiged by architect Mateo Miyar Olaiz, is planned to be completed in 18 months.


Solidarity strokes 2019


9 January, 2020

Successful participation in the “innocent” swim crossing organized by Desarrolla

As usual, on December 28, we organized this swim solidarity test of 1900m in collaboration with the Club de Regattas Perillo and Oleiros City Council, in A Coruña.

In this edition there were more than two hundred swimmers, many of them came from numerous points of Galicia and Asturias. This means a new participation record for a crossing test that grows year after year and that has become an open water classic, despite the low winter water temperatures, this time eleven as low as degrees.The money collected from inscriptions was donated entirely to the non for profit Solidaridade Galega.

In this VII edition, the winner of the women’s category was Sonia Braña, who won the podium in 30.15 minutes. The winner in the men’s category was, Manuel Regueiro, 25.13 minutes. Finally, the victory in the team category was obtained by the “Liceo Master”, a team made up of Daniel Abades, Gerardo Collazo, Mario Fernández, Pablo Carro and Sonia Braña. The deputy mayor of the town hall, Teresa Vázquez, witnessed the event and presented the trophies to the winners.

green-market-ibiza-interiorismo-desarrolla-constructora (1)

Simplicity for a warm and cozy environment


9 January, 2020

The Green Market: Global refurbishment of an Ibiza shop

The pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of this place, located in the center of Ibiza, is the result of a functional and simple design by Josep F Mauri – in which we have combined materials with a clear industrial touch with organic materials and warm colors in the appropriate doses.

Among the main changes carried out inside the premises are the terrazzo floor, which stands out for its resistance, the good insulation provided by the false ceiling, the wood coverings or the overall improvement of the facilities. As for the exterior, we can highlight its glass enclosures and black iron entry doors.


BBVA: A new branch model


9 January, 2020

We started the works of the main Galician office

We started the works for the new BBVA main office in A Coruña city center. The entity, with its new concept “Blue Branch” will provide a much more direct relationship with the customer and will improve their accessibility to new technologies.  It is a space of ​​1200 m2 resulting from the union of two premises, thus doubling the space they had until now. The project has been prepared by Cotecno.

The works will be executed in 2 phases, the first one will focus on the rehabilitation of one of the premises while keeping the other open to the public and vice versa, so that the clients will not be affected during the refurbishment and will have all the services of the entity while the works are completed.

The branch will know a series of improvements such as, the refurbishment of the central skylight point, which will allow the entry of natural light throughout. An electrical installation with a capacity of more than 200 lights and a data system with category 6A will ensur very high computer protection.

rehabilitacion-edificio-inmueble-desarrolla-constructora-obra (4)

Recovered splendor


9 January, 2020

We refurbish a catalogued building

The building presented problems in some of the wooden elements of its classic gallery façade which were corrected by a right restauration. In addition, the aesthetic conditions by which this central and singular building in A Coruña had been cataloged were improved.  Not only  the splendor of the façade was fully recovered but the rehabilitation also served to restore the roof to its original zinc finish state.

This roof went through several stages, for some years it was made from fiber cement and in the 90’s it was replaced by ceramic tile.

The works also served to improve the building´s energy efficiency – in order to reduce energy loss – and to eliminate the asbestos to be found in the old covering of fiber cement.

edificio-pisos-lujo-coruna-desarrolla-centro-promocion-inmobiliaria (2)

The rehabilitation of a 1895 building


8 January, 2020

Two eras combined

We will soon begin the rehabilitation works of this classic building in the city center of A Coruña. The Pernas Varela studio has been responsible for the renovation project of this building since 1895, whose original signature corresponds to Faustino Domínguez Comes-Gay, an architect of special relevance in the Galician architecture arena of the late 19th century.

A property that stands out for its iconic galleries, its high ceilings, the noble wood of its finishes or its original common areas.  The rehabilitation project, which contemplates the extension in height with two new floors, respects the old elements in order to preserve the essence and singularity of the building, which will be carefully rehabilitated to achieve the perfect union between two eras.