A 12-month construction challenge

21 October, 2019

Different heights of walls and slabs with aluminium panels up to 9 metres high

A 2200 square metre lot in a privileged district of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) was the site selected for a three-storey single-family home in which the design also extends to its surroundings.

The project by architect Mauro Lomba that we executed in a mere 12 months was articulated with fair-faced white concrete walls, totally seamless, which entailed a real construction challenge for the implementation of the different heights of walls and slabs. Large aluminium panels up to 9 metres wide and 3 metres high shape a light-filled structure of 700 square metres. The architectural lines of the studio can be identified in this project, present both in its meticulous layout of the different ambiences and the stunning interior design.

The gardens surrounding the home took on particular significance in the project, with beautiful landscaping that includes a sophisticated swimming pool, a mini-football pitch and a spacious leisure-bar area integrated into the house’s lookout basement. The landscaping respects the native holm oak plantations that are over 100 years old.